01 Welcome to Gtext Hub
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Sustainable Coworking Space in Lagos

Gtext Hub is an integrated coworking space in Nigeria. Designed to fit the needs of modern business, we offer a comfortable and flexible workspace that inspires and supports the requirement for networking and productivity.

02 Why Choose Us
02 Why Choose Us
Learn and grow

Our Amenities

When we say that our coworking space is sustainable and comfy, we make sure that you get 100% satisfaction for running your business here with us and also get the best for your clients.

Virtual Office Option

Maximum Productivity

A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

03 Services We Offer
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What We Offer

Modest yet highly practical and comfortable working zones, chill zones, constant electricity and diner at your full disposal during your stay with us. And as well as fast Internet and office equipments. Invite your teammates!

New Membership Special

Get 50% off when you sign up for 3 months!

04 Our Benefits
our benefits

Benefits of Setting Up Your Business in Our Coworking Space.

We are proud of what we have come up with at our hub! At GtextHub, you get to enjoy networking with talented people who work in different areas such as; designers, photographers, engineers etc. Learn more about joining us today.

  1. Actual office space that promotes productivity.
  2. Build meaningful connections with your team.
  3. Comfy environment and amazing relaxation rooms.
  4. Enjoy free training from gurus & expatriates on a daily basis to help boost your business.

I never realized how quickly GtextHub would increase my productivity, create additional synergies & not limit any of my creative flow. I have had all positive experiences!

OMIKUNLE Mariam, Designer

It’s a comfortable place with welcoming environment and has all the utilities that are important in a facility like this. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you guys!

AKINANDE Akinyinka
AKINANDE Akinyinka, Freelancer

Working at GtextHub has made my life so much more easier and exciting! I love how you can join the amazing group of people and feel free to work on your career and social skills with them.

JIMOH Ibraheem
JIMOH Ibraheem, Digital Marketer
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